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Ira has one of the longest track records in Peer Helping of almost anyone in the field today. His experience alone is worth attending anything in which he is involved, especially, his workshops.
Ira knows schools and school bureaucracy, and he knows youth of every variety. This knowledge makes him an extremely valuable and trusted consultant.Ira's strong leadership and keen sense of organization inspired the establishment of the National Peer Helpers Association, the strengthening and stability of the California Peer Programs Association, and many other programs throughout the country.

Barbara Varenhorst
Past President of the National Peer Helpers Association

For over 30 years I have watched the programs, workshops and conferences Ira Sachnoff has set up touch the lives of thousands of youth in the state of CA. He has impacted beyond all measure the history of California youth culture and has helped empower hundreds of adults to start positive youth development programs, and these programs work! When it comes to youth to youth programs, Ira is one of the most powerful and positive trainers out there.

Michael Pritchard
Keynote Speak/ Author

I have known Ira Sachnoff since the late 1980’s, when we both served on the Board of the National Peer Helpers Association. I have immense admiration and respect for Ira, and I know of no one in the peer program/youth empowerment field who has a higher level of dedication, commitment, and belief in the capacity of young people to make a positive difference. Both in California and nationally, he has been a tireless and effective leader and advocate for the youth-as-resource concept, and I heartily recommend him to all current or prospective adherents of that concept.

H. Grant Thomas, Jr.
Founder, PAL (Peer Assistance and Leadership) Program
Founder/Senior Adviser, Peer Assistance Network of America

Ira is one of the first people who comes to mind when I talk about
Peer Helping. For as long as I have known him, he has been a steadfast advocate of Peer Helping and a leader in the field. We in the Peer Helping field owe him a tremendous amount.

Donna Brinton
Peer Helping Advocate and Trainer

Our District has worked with Ira Sachnoff for nearly 10 years in the development of our Peer Helping Programs. Through Ira’s guidance and support, we have trained hundreds of middle and high school students in tobacco & drug prevention. In addition, we have trained staff at each school site to ensure continuity of the program. Ira’s belief in and respect for all youth underscores each and every training. Students and staff are energized and high motivated at the conclusion of Ira’s training. This energy is carried out throughout the school year. I highly recommend Ira Sachnoff and Peer Resources!

Joan Stone
Tracy UHSD

Ira Sachnoff was a peer educator as a high school student and went on to become a highly respected national trainer, innovator, motivator, mentor,
cheerleader and champion for student voice. I've had the pleasure of watching his approach and level of expertise evolve over the past twenty years to the point where he now is literally "the source for information on peer resource program development, training and evaluation". As my students are fond of saying: "Ira is the MAN!" Ira's talents extend far beyond training. He understands how to build coalitions which involve and empower all attendees. No one "sits around" at when Ira is at the helm; they are heard, valued and empowered to go back to their communities and "become part of the solution" Viva Ira!

Fred Dillemuth
"I CARE" program founder

Your approach to Peer Helping is one of enthusiasm and optimism based on a lifetime of experience and honed skill at creating successful peer programs. To attend one of your workshops is akin to participating in the creation of interactive art. Each time I attend one of your workshops or presentations, I see new ways to help our youth to help themselves. Thank you for the vision.

Karen Shores
Coordinator of Categorical Programs and Testing
Roseville Joint Union High School District

It is a rare treat to attend a training given by the founder of a program...normally these people are off somewhere writing books or doing Video productions. Not Ira Sachnoff; he's in the trenches with the people and programs he loves. It may be educating teachers on empowering students to influence peers about making healthy choices around tobacco or looking within the peer group for conflict mediation talents or support for making their school a safer, more nurturing environment.

Fred Dillemuth
"I CARE" program founder

The San Joaquin County Office of Education began providing Peer Helping Training for programs back in the early 1990’s. At that time, we had a combined training which included both Junior High with High School Students. Thanks to Ira’s visionary training and leadership we now provide two separate workshops for our Junior High and High School students. Our peer helping programs are countywide and many of our schools use cross age peer helping trainings which Ira has strongly advocated for. He has set the standard in providing exemplary examples of training of trainers, student peer helping and problem solving in working through school systems issues.

Sheri Coburn, Ed.D.(c), R.N., M.S.N.
Director, Comprehensive Health Programs
San Joaquin County Office of Education


About Training of Trainers

I have been involved with our school's Peer Helper Program for many years, but had never received formal training. This two-day training was fun, practical, resourceful, and extremely encouraging. It was exactly what I was looking for and needed. Ira Sachnoff brings experienced knowledge and individual attention to the Peer Helping Process and knows what it takes to run a successful program.

Tony Handrich, Counselor
LaCreole Middle School
Dallas, Oregon

The workshop was practical, interactive and dynamic. We reaped the rewards of Ira's expertise, and had multiple opportunities to share insights, vision and hopes for our programs --- i.e., most especially --- for our students!

Ben Owens
Chairperson, Dept. of Religious Studies
Bishop O'Dowd H.S., Oakland, CA

I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop I attended in San Francisco. There are not very many conferences or workshops that one can attend where the participants are actively engaged in the process. For example, instead of learning about energizers and icebreakers, how to write a purpose statement for our program, or how to develop lessons for our program, we actually did these things. Ira is energetic, realistic, and extremely knowledgeable and helpful. I plan on attending further conferences/workshops in the future.

Patty Healy
Counselor/ Teacher





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